Hello! Welcome to MaLyn Logic!

I'm MaLyn...but not MayLynn. 

Professional stay-at-home mom, shop owner, budding writer, avid burrito connoisseur, gold accessory enthusiast, graphic tee fan, princess Kate fanatic, and vanilla diet Dr. Pepper obsessed!

I live in San Antonio Texas with my husband, Mike, and our 3 wildly adorable kids, BryLee, Ellie, and Maverick. 

For as long as I can remember I've wanted to own a shop. In 2016 I made that dream come true and it's been an exciting adventure! What started as a small graphic tee business that I ran out of my closet has turned into a bustling online shop filled with adorably flattering and insanely comfy clothes for women.

I love shopping for clothes that I know my friends and I would love to wear. From flowy forgiving tunics to casual graphic tees and gorgeous dresses, my job never gets old.
Fashion is a beautiful expression of ones personality and I live to make my customers feel confident and stunning.

Happy Shopping!